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Color sorter for green and roasted coffee

Tailor-made for your business

The csmart-mini is a color sorter for green and roasted coffee. Improve batch quality with a single machine, sorting before and after roasting. Use a cutting-edge vision system, assessing color, shape, size, and SCA defects. Control your entire production from a web-based application, monitoring on demand.

  • Running on Nvidia Jetson Nano 4Gb, 128-core NVIDIA Maxwell™ architecture-based GPU

  • 16 channels 

  • Embedded computer vision system

  • Proprietary software

  • 2MP, Basler CMOS camera

  • Built-in led lighting system

  • Internet connection (ethernet cable)

  • Ejection system with fast-acting valves

  • Smaller size for easier operation

for farmers, traders and roasters

Individual Coffee Analysis

Access individual analysis for cherries, green or roasted coffee. Create sorting thresholds from common concepts for growers, traders, and roasters.

Batch evaluation

Create an overall batch assessment from individual ananlyses. Access all data remotely and share it with partners.

Custom database

Perform analyses with AI solutions, using your own custom database.

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