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Color sorter for coffee cherries

Specially Designed for Coffee Processing

Color sorter for coffee cherries equipped with 20 channels belt conveyor, embedded computer vision system, high-speed CMOS camera, proprietary software, fast-acting valves, and modular assembly for easy maintenance and upgrades.

  • Running on Nvidia Jetson Nano 4Gb, 128-core NVIDIA Maxwell™ architecture-based GPU 

  • 20 channels

  • Embedded computer vision system

  • Proprietary software

  • 2MP, Basler CMOS camera

  • Detached electromagnetic feeder

  • Built-in led lighting system

  • Internet connection

  • Ejection system with fast-acting valves

  • Rugged construction for harsh environments

for farmers, cooperatives and wet-mill operations


Individual Coffee Analysis

Access individual analysis for cherries, creating sorting thresholds from common concepts for growers, traders, and roasters.

Batch evaluation

Create an overall batch assessment from individual ananlyses. Access all data remotely and share it with partners.

Increase efficiency

Skip selective harvesting, enabling efficient and quality-driven drying phase management

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