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AI-Enabled Green Coffee Classifier    

It's time for digital analysis

Collect quality data with the csmart-g1 device, classifying your sample according to the SCA Classification System. Use the built-in AI database or acquire new images with the same device to create your own custom database. Upload results online to the csmart web App and shares them with partners and clients. Implement end-end traceability.

  • Automatic electromagnetic feeder

  • Built-in led lighting system

  • Internet connection (ethernet cable)

  • Adjustable speed conveyor belt

for producers, traders, and roasters.


Benefits of Csmart G1

Manual quality control of green coffee is expensive, time-consuming and often inaccurate.

Green coffee quality control is a key factor and one of the most important aspect to trade coffee.


Digital analysis ensure consistency

and accuracy, reducing subjectivity and providing business intelligence. proposes to collect and analyze data on a large scale, incorporating transparency and traceability.

What if it were possible to accurately classify green coffee, extract quality data, generate grading reports and store images of each seed, all from a single device?

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